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Hello, I have added one more category on this blog : Music !!

It has been a while that I’d like to add this category, just got a time to do it now. I will post various activities that we have with music…

Video Music 1 :  “Selamat Jalan Kekasih” (Good Bye My Love) (song by Chrisye) | Piano Instrumental

Chrisye was a famous Indonesian pop singer. I love his songs and I will record more instrumental from his albums on my future video. This one was recorded in Houston, Texas on July 2020.


Video Musik 2 :  “Kini” (Now) (song by Rossa) | Piano Instrumental

Rossa is a very famous Indosian female pop singer. This song “Kini” is also very famous.
This video was recorded so long time ago when were in Perth around 2008. We rented an upright acoustic piano during our time in Perth. The video quality was still not very good with our old Sony handycam…. but hope you still enjoy the music…


Video Musik 3 :  Lagu “Andai Aku Bisa” (If I can) (song by Chrisye) | Violin with Piano Accompaniment

Again a very famous song from legendary Indonesian singer Chrisye.
This video was recorded when I stayed in hotel near La Defense in Paris around end of 2013 when I was just relocated to France and my family was still in Jakarta. I took the good time during a weekend to record this video. I recorded the piano accompaniment separately, and played the song with violin. I was still learning violin (until now… and yet not to make much progress due sporadic rehearsal), so bear with me if you still hear some squeaking…


More recording to come…. or visit my Youtube Channel Eight Foot Journey.


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