Acropolis, Athens, Greece

Hey guys… !  It has been a while since my last post in this blog site… it is not an excuse but more or less it was about many other things that occupied my time since then.  But really, I miss to continue writing again, and here I am posting a short note about our last trip to Athens, Greece.   In the previous posts, I normally wrote the whole things that happen during our 3 – 5 days trip.  Now, I feel that it was a bit too much… I believe it is better that I write a short post, but write more often!    I hope this will make this blog have more interesting new posts.

From the last 4 days trip to Athens, I will just talk about Acropolis for now.  This site is a must see if you visit Athens.   In other next posts, I will also talk about other interesting touristic places in Athens like Ancient Agora, Monastiraki Square, museums, Temple of Olympian Zeus  and also few other practical information from our experience of visiting Athens.

Enter Acropolis complex from the direction of Acropoli Metro Station

The Acropolis hill lays in the middle of Athena city.  The word Acropolis came from the word “acros” (high) and “polis” (city).  To reach this site, the easiest way is to take Metro (M2), get off at Acropoli station.  The Metro / MRT network in Athens is very well setup and connecting almost all places in Athens, therefore we practically do not require to drive a car to go to all the interesting destinations in this city (see the metro map).  The cost of the Metro ticket one way is 1.4 Euro.  There are various choices to buy metro tickets such as one way, 24 hours (4.5 Euros), 5 days (9 Euros) etc.  As our stay was for 4 days in Athens, we bought 5 days ticket and it turned out to be saving a lot of money this way as with 9 Euros we could take Metro to many places unlimited number of times.

Theatre of Dionysus, in Acropolis complex, considered as the first theather in the world, built around 6 centuries BC !   It could accommodate around 17,000 people.

We were lucky that the weather was very good and sunny.  If possible, we would suggest you to check the weather before planning to visit Acropolis, because cloudy and even worst rainy day will make this site not as enchanting and glorious as if the day is bright with blue sky.   Walking up the hill could also be potentially slippery during or after rain.  We also happened to change our schedule of our flight to Athens considering the weather.

We visited around end of February, still considered late winter, however the temperature during the day had already been around 12 – 17 degrees Celcius, so it was so comfortable, and there was also not many visitors.  If we visit during the summer, many people says it is too hot during the day, so it is required to consider coming earlier in the morning or later afternoon after 5 PM.

Temple of Athena Nike, the front site or entrance to other temples complex in Acropolis.

The entrance ticket to Acropolis is 20 Euros per person.  We bought package entrance ticket for 30 Euros for Acropolis and also 7 other sites such as Temple of Olympian Zeus,  Ancient Agora etc.  The prices of individual tickets are a bit more expensive.  We bought the ticket directly from the ticket counter at the Acropolis entrance, we did not find any queue as it was not a peak season.

Side of Pathenon with some of its ruins.

The one that I like about tourist attractions in Athens is the availability of the English translations everywhere  as you explore the sites, so although audio guide is not available, you will be able to read a lot of information available on the sites.  If you love the history of ancient Greece and Greek mythology, visiting Acropolis and various historical sites in Athens will be very interesting and fun !

Erechtheion Temple, dedicated to Athena and Poseidon
Erechtheion Temple with the city of Athens at the back ground.
Beatiful scenery of Athens city with Lycabettus Hill, as seen from top of Acropolis.

From the top of Acropolis hill, we could see Athens in all directions.  If we google it, there are also other acropolis, which means high city, in other cities in Greece such as in Argos, Thebes and Corinth.   However the acropolis in Athens is the most famous one due to its famous buildings such as Parthenon, so the name Acropolis then normally refers to this particular one in Athens.  Apart from being the location of temples, the elevated sites were also used for defense purpose in the past.

A corner of Parthenon.
Parthenon in Acropolis is a temple dedicated to Athena. The 14 meter tall building is the biggest among other temples in Acropolis.  Photo when the building under renovation.
Other side of Parthenon

During our visit, there were some renovation works ongoing especially on Parthenon, however not to be worry as it does not reduce the glory and the beauty of this site.   In Acropolis museum that is located very near from this site, we will find various ancient inscriptions, statues, crafts and other stuffs excavated from Acropolis (note : ticket to museum is 5 Euros during winter and 10 Euros during summer).

Wefie with the back ground Parthenon (back), dan Erechtheion temple (on our left)

Hope you guys like this post, and if Acropolis is on your next destination of visits, I hope you find some information from this post useful !


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