Discover the beauty of England outside London (part 2)

… Continued from Discover the beauty of England outside London (part 1)

Day 3 – Birmingham

In this city we practically was able to visit only the University of Birmingham to attend the Open Day at Chemical Engineering department, one of Aya’s 5 chosen universities that she would apply.  This university is the fourth largest one in UK and has more than 30,000 students.  This is the only university in UK that has its own train station in its campus which is University Railway Station.  Within the proximity of this campus is Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham.  The campus and university buildings are quite beautiful and provide students with comfortable studying atmosphere.

University of Birmingham, with statue of Faraday by Sir Eduardo Paolozzi. A bit smaller at the back is university clock tower Joe.

In front of Chemical Engineering building
In front of University Railway Station

Inside the campus

The time left in the afternoon was briefly spent at the City Center Birmingham, however as it was already late afternoon we were just roaming quickly inside car and then drove down to Bath that was still a 160km to the south which would take around 2 hours to drive.

Day 4 – Bath

We stayed at “The Rising Sun Inn” in Bath.  Although this hotel has only 7 rooms, it is quite nice one, with comfortable bed, warm and beautiful decoration.  The staff was very friendly, and we were so delighted to be served a very delicious “home cooked English breakfast” in the morning.   The location of the hotel is also quite in the center of Bath therefore it would just take 5 – 10 minutes to walk to the interesting touristic spots in Bath.

Restaurant for breakfast at  The Rising Sun Inn
Very friendly staff who served us so delicious breakfast as below
Home cooked breakfast, what a nice start of our day in Bath

After the breakfast, we headed down to University of Bath campus to attend the Open Day in Chemical Engineering department.   The campus is located around 2 km from the city center, and it is up on the hilly side.  The atmosphere in the Bath campus is very peaceful and green.  Bath university has more than 15,000 students.  We also observed this campus has excellent student recreational facilities, so this explains Bath stated as the the university with the best student social life in UK.   The sport facilities in this campus are amongst the best in UK.

Bath university with student sport and recreational facilities.

After the open day session was concluded around 2 PM, we returned back to the city center and take some walks to various interesting spots in Bath.  This beautiful small city with less than 100,000 population has since 1987 became UNESCO World Heritage Site.   The first and foremost touristic place to visit is Roman Baths, the hot spring bathing house that also has worship temple from ancient Roman, initially built around 60 – 70 AD.  The conservation of the site was done at later part of 19th century, and today this site is one the the most visited tourist destination in England and attracting more than 1 million visitors each year.

Hot spring bathing house from ancient Roman in Bath
The hot water rich of mineral from the Sacred Spring supplied a the bath-house which attracted many visitors from across the Roman Empire

This hot spring pool is around 1.6 meters deep. The water comes from sacred springs that produce more than 1 million liters of water every day. The Great Temple was built next to this holy spring and dedicated to Sulis Minerva that is believed by the Romans as the goddess with healing powers
This is a spa room whose floor is heated with an underfloor heating system called the hypocaust. Hot air from the furnace is passed down the floor before being vented to the roof.

Apart from visiting the Roman Bath, we also took some walk to the center of beautiful Bath that has various picturesque spots.

Facade of a building in Bath

Daddy turned 47, and we celebrated his birthday at  The Oven – Pizza Restaurant – Bath

Day 5 – Stonehenge

After staying the second night in Bath, we were at the last day of our trip.   We checked out from the hotel after the breakfast, and have another quick round at Royal Crescent, building comprises of 30 townhouses laid out in  a sweeping crescent, built in the 18th century.

In front of Royal Crescent Bath

We left Bath immediately after and drove to Stonehenge that is located around 55km south east of Bath, near Amesbury, Wiltshire.  Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument that was built during late neolithic period around 3000 – 2000 BC.  It consists of a ring of standing stones, each standing stone around 4m high, 2.1m die and weighing around 25 tons.  This site could have been a burial grounds initially, as deposits human bones and skulls from estimated 3000 BC were discovered.  How it was built and its purpose remains the debate of archeologists.  Many researches, excavations and restorations happened since 1600s.  Stonehenge became UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1986.

After concluding our visit in Stonehenge, we drove to the west around 90 km heading to Bristol Airport.  We returned back the car that we rented since Manchester airport.   So that’s it from our 5 days trip to England and we flew back to Paris!

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