Paris Marathon – Run in the most beautiful city in the world !

Paris Marathon Runners at Place de la Bastille

This post contains some practical information about Paris Marathon from the registration, preparation and what happens on the big day !

Paris Marathon is one of the biggest marathon events in the world.  With its charm as one of the most beautiful city in the world, Paris has attracted more than 40,000 runners from all over the world participates in this event each year.  The race happens usually on the first Sunday of April each year, at the beginning of the spring.  The marathon runners will enjoy the scenic routes across many beautiful historical touristic attractions, starting from Arc de Triomphe, Louvre Museum, Place de la Bastille, Eiffel Tower and running along side of Seine river.  There is also large number of musical and arts groups along the routes to entertain and keep up the spirit of the runners, and entertain the thousands of tourists and spectators, making this event so unique and different.

I have been three times participating in this event, the last one was in 2017.  The photos taken during the race are posted here.

Thousands of runners starting the race from Champs-Elysees

Several practical information regarding Paris Marathon especially if you will join it for the first time:

  1. Cut-off time – this is not exactly defined, but few website mentioned that after 5 hours and 40 minutes the road will be re-opened for public but the runners could still continue to complete the race until finish line.  I completed the full marathon around 5 hours and 30 minutes, but I know many runners that complete it in more or less 6 hours without any issue.
  2. Registration – online registration usually starts on mid September for the following year race.  The registration closes around mid January, but you need to register early to secure the places as the quotas may be filled rapidly. The early registration costs cheaper around 80 Euros in less than one hour, then it increases to 99 Euro, and around November will be around 119 Euro.
  3. Collecting your BIB – around one week before the race, you will receive and email instruction (convocation) to collect the BIB (race number) in the marathon exposition at Porte de Versailles which is a 3 days events before the running day.  The BIB must be collected at latest on Saturday, and cannot be collected during the race day (Sunday).
  4. Medical Certificate – we need to submit the medical certificate that is issued within a year prior to the race.  There is a specific form that can be downloaded when you register online.
  5. Training – there are many website containing the recommended training such as Take The Magic Step.  You can monitor your training progress with a mobile application such as Endomondo.
  6. On the Race Day –
    • The temperature around April is usually between 10 – 15 degrees Celsius. Usually there is no rain at this time, but always good to check the weather forecast and to ensure that you wear the comfortable dress that suits the climate.
    • Every 5 km there is refreshment station with drinking waters, fresh fruits and sugar for the runners
    • The issue that I experienced during the race is the lack of toilets on the routes.  There is quite sufficient numbers of toilets at the starting of the race, so you better use it.
    • It is good idea to try to follow the pacemakers who hold flags and run at the certain pace according to the different completion time target that suits our capability.
Many street musicians will keep your spirits up till finish lines !

If you want to check and register right away, go to the website Marathon de Paris.  If you are also interested to try the Half Marathon which usually happens on March, you can check at Semi de Paris.

The prizes for the finishers will be the nice medals at the end of the race, the token of completion from Paris Marathon.   Have a happy race in the most beautiful city in the world !

Runners passing the Eiffel Tower
Meeting runners from Indonesia during 2017 Paris Marathon
Medals from Paris Marathon and Semi Marathon
The feeling of having medallion from completing Paris Marathon is amazing !
Certificate for the Finisher of Paris Marathon 2015. The way I look to my rank was “there was almost 3000 people running behind me… “


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